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Having been in the retail management business and foliage maintenance for over ten years and studying Horticulture at Kansas State University, I came to realize I wanted to combine my knowledge of the business with my love & experience of the garden. I came across a "Greenman" in a friend's garden and I instantly had the inspiration for Garden Leaf Designs. You're wondering, "What in the world is a Greenman!?" Simply put, it is a human face artistically rendered with foliage that adorns many European cathedrals, tombs and monuments. The modern day myth proclaims its protective powers over the garden. "Leafmen" is the more common name for these images.

However, I came to find that I couldn't go to just one garden nursery for all the leafmen I wanted. Many artists from around the country have interpreted their own designs and I decided I would introduce as many of those designs to you as possible...in a one-stop garden shop. Then, I began to find so many incredible leaf designs in pots, fountains, urns, candles, birdbaths, stepping stones and other garden accessories that I wanted to offer these designs as well.

Within Garden Leaf Designs you'll find high quality and unique garden accessories especially suited for outdoor use. I'm sure you won't find most of these items in your local home and gardening center! Though most of our products are made of material such as concrete/crushed stone mix and are great for the elements of nature, a few are formed from plaster which will need a liberal coat of any generic water sealer before you expose the product to your outdoor garden. I'm constantly searching the country for more delightful designs of the "Greenman" and leaf motifs and will be adding to the catalog frequently.

I hope you enjoy the art of gardening and all it has to offer. And remember the leaf is the everlasting symbol of the earth's life cycle...from branch to soil to rebirth of the bud, from Spring to Fall, Winter to Summer.
Jim O'Neill
Garden Leaf Designs


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